Finally, I've been Wixed...

The marvellous thing about YouTube is that whether you want some advice on removing a glass of Chateau Lafite 1787 from a Persian rug or the best treatment for a flea-infested dog, there’s always a 15-year-old in Milwaukee there to help you. The downside is the ads.

Over the years YouTube has got wise to the fact that I'm in to photography, Photoshop and design. So every time I log in up pops some fresh-faced, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, clean-cut, twenty-something all-American with a wide grin and gleaming teeth extolling the virtues of building a website with Wix.

With my own website looking a little creaky around the edges and Wix being ostensibly free, I eventually caved in. What have I go to lose I thought. The answer was a week of my life.

In case you’ve never fashioned a website yourself it’s a little like doing a 1000 piece jigsaw only without the picture on the lid. There are zillions of components to choose from, from animated galleries to a plethora of clickable buttons, and it’s up to you to somehow put them all together into some semblance of order. Of course you can follow a themed template but the choice of customisation is just too tempting.

Constructing the website was engrossing to the point of all else – eating, bathing, my wife and son — and I often found myself up to two in the morning trying to decide between the relative merits of a hover box and a slideshow. But with dogged determination I got there in the end. And I lost weight.

The result is what you see before you. I've tried to be as restrained as possible with the sfx, but I really couldn't resist the odd bit of video and sliding text. Why be po-faced like so many other photography websites? Photography is about fun.

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