And a warm welcome to Andmakeitsnappy.com, my online home.


My name’s David Jacobson and I’m a photographer based in the leafy ‘burbs of south west London. England, not Ontario.


As you will see, I like my photographs big, bright and bold. Not that I don’t appreciate the subtleties of rain-washed northern climes. It’s just that somehow, I am drawn to the rich, saturated colours you find in places like Morocco and India.


Looking back, I suppose my love of photography started at the age of seven when my father gave me the hottest gadget of the day: a Kodak Instamatic camera. Armed with this technological wonder (drop-in film cartridge! snap-on flash cube!) it opened my eyes to the world and gave me a licence to climb to the highest viewpoints and snoop around places I probably shouldn’t have snooped.

Over the years my photos have appeared here, there and everywhere, from national magazines such as New Woman and Digital Photo to the BBC’s Parkinson show.


I have also won a number of competitions, most recently The Telegraph’s The Big Picture. And I proudly hold a licentiate with that venerable body, The Royal Photographic Society.


Here at AndMakeIt Snappy.com you can view a selection of my pictures, treat yourself to a beautiful print (or two) and sign-up to one of my photography workshops in Kingston on Thames. 'Fantasic for a total beginner,' one happy snappy commented.

And in case you were wondering, the chap on the left? Meet Bob, the debonair, international man of mystery I aspire to be...